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We offer a range of wedding transport solutions for you and your bridal party. We cover the entire Sydney region within 100 km of the city centre.

Your Wedding

Everyone deserves a special wedding with all the delight and joy that comes with it. Marriage is a truly significant occasion and the event in which it is celebrated should be equally magical. Love is a beautiful thing and so a wedding should be filled with all the symbols of love. It is important to have a memorable day that you can continue to recall and cherish even when you are old. Part of this day should involve traveling in style in a luxury limousine.

Why Hire a Limousine

It may seem like a great expense but there are vast benefits of getting a limousine from wedding car hire Sydney.

  • You will get a completely unique ride for your wedding. Driving in a regular everyday vehicle will not give the day the charm that should be experienced.
  • You will get a chauffeur for your wedding instead of having to hire both the car and the driver separately. This enhances convenience.
  • Limousines are very spacious and will allow unrestricted movement especially if a bulky dress is involved.
  • A limousine is much more fun to have and it has a classic wedding look.

Hiring Services and Expenses

When you book our one of our luxury wedding cars, the price will depend on the package you choose. However, the general price is about $125 per hour and the hiring party should contact the car hire at-least two hours before the vehicle is required.

Our limousines are always be spotlessly clean and full of all the amenities you would expect. It is imperative that the vehicle arrives on time before your wedding and we always arrive at least 30 minutes before the booking time. In addition, the chauffeur will be dressed smartly and behave appropriately as pertaining to the occasion.

To find out more about our Sydney wedding car packages please contact us.